Plastic Injection Molding Company

In Aug. 1976, we initiated from a professional plastic injection mould workshop, CHIH CHANG. In 1983, we increased capital and reorganized to TZY SHENQ ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. and began the work of product design, development and manufacturing.

For more than 30 years, we have constantly engaged ourselves in enhancing mould and plastic injection technology and expanding factory facilities.

Moreover, in the recent years, through the progression of product quality, the improvement of management policies, and the combination of satellite subcontractors, we actively extend various product systems. We have opened and extended markets & industries in different areas. As a specialized manufacturer of agricultural machine and leisure & sporting goods, we have admirably won good reputation in the international markets.

「Innovation, Excellence, Customer-Orientation, Honest Learning Team」is TZY SHENQ's management philosophy, the most important core values we follow. These traditional core values, the way we survive and stand, drive the leadership and the management of the company to practice with all the company members, and bring us unique corporate vitality and gain a foothold in the international business world.